Applitools casts robot eye on apps through Github and Microsoft Visual Studio

Applitools casts robot eye on apps through Github and Microsoft Visual Studio

Makers of automated UI/UX testing Applitools has confirmed it has integrated its platform with Github, Github Actions and Microsoft Visual Studio App Center.

The result can now apply automatic testing to every build and pull request. The company says this works with any testing framework and programming language, correlating code and UI/UX changes for
web and mobile apps. With Github Actions integration, developers can add Applitools’ root cause analysis to address and resolve regression issues.

As feature branches occur, Applitools creates and tests a new set of baseline images, independently analysing them from the trunk tests and checking merges back to the baseline for conflicts.

With Visual Studio App Center and Applitools, developers can now automate functional and visual testing for mobile apps on any device type, checking for visual compliance across all devices and screen sizes. Test results, including full-resolution screenshots of each step and
performance metrics are generated for each step.

Applitools runs automated tests on application user interfaces through its Eyes Visual AI technology, a multi-algorithm artificial vision system that includes deep learning to simulate human sight. The company claims that its model has been trained on over a billion images from tens of thousands of applications, and can identify, tag and check a huge variety of UI
components. Cross-platform and cross-browser testing is done via its Ultrafast Grid parallelised cloud system.

Applitools Eyes with GitHub integrations is available for free for open source projects hosted on GitHub.