What’s cooking? Progress updates Chef’s configuration manager, mixes and merges other ingredients

Serial company buyer and corporate solutions merchant Progress has revealed the first updates to configuration manager Chef, its latest acquisition, since its $220m purchase completed earlier this month.

Existing components Chef Automate and Chef Infra are now combined under the label Chef Infrastructure Management, while new entity Chef App Delivery takes Chef Automate and Chef Infrastructure and combines them with Chef Habitat. Chef App Delivery was described by the company as a technology agnostic modular automation solution that delivers application and infrastructure across on-prem, hybrid and cloud environments.

Designed to manage infrastructure at scale on a DevSecOps model, the main new benefits of Chef Infrastructure Management are performance improvements, simplified deployment, easier manageability and reduced upgrade times, the company said.

Progress also announced a library of new compliance auditing and remediation Chef Premium Content through a new cloud delivery service for compliance auditing and remediation to check enterprise assets against best practices defined by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

On the wetware upgrade front, there is now a Learn Chef Skills Validation Program based on the online Learn Chef platform and the OpenBadges Standard, a way to acquire qualifications that comfort HR departments by creating tick-box metrics while simultaneously alarming them by giving devops team members proof of portable skills that makes it easier to move companies.

Sundar Subramanian, senior vice president and general manager for core products at Progress, said the company was moving towards a platform-oriented set of stuff for infrastructure management and continuous delivery, rather than just a set of tools.