What’s the point: Electron, Puppet, OpsRamp, S3, and Databricks

What's the point

Electron 11 is now available and comes with support for Apple’s M1 chips, improved performance when sending wide objects over the context bridge, and better help to find crash causes. The GitHub-initiated cross-platform app development framework serves as the basis for projects such as Visual Studio Code, the Atom editor, or chat platform Slack. 

Users who have made use of BrowserView.{destroy, fromId, fromWebContents, getAllViews} and the id property of BrowserView, should adjust their code before updating their projects, as all of these were removed in Electron 11. More details on the update can be found in the project repository.

Puppet pulls back curtain, offers first glance at 2021 portfolio update

IT automation provider Puppet teased users of its tools with the first glimpse of a new Bolt-based product this week. Puppet Connect is scheduled to arrive in early 2021 and aims to facilitate the sharing of task-based content for self-service use in various parts of an organisation.

Meanwhile, Puppet’s automation platform Relay, a reimagining of project Nebula, will soon integrate with Puppet Enterprise. Using both tools in combination is hoped to make working with cloud native environments easier for enterprises by offering various event-driven responses to improve automation.

OpsRamp gets a facelift

The OpsRamp Fall 2020 release is here and sees the IT operations management platform sporting a redesigned UX amongst other things. The new makeover is meant to reduce configuration efforts and includes an Onboarding Wizard to automatically discover and monitor Kubernetes and Linux agent-based resources, as well as various cloud services.

OpsRamp has also been busy adding human interaction tasks to its automation workflows (think manager approval), and throwing automation workflow recommendations and task visibility for workflow management into the mix.

AWS introduces S3 Storage Lens

AWS users that are having trouble with staying on top of their S3 bucket use can now get support through new tool Amazon Storage Lens. After activation, the feature is accessible via the S3 Management Console and offers dashboards to visualise storage and activities of specific regions, buckets, prefixes, accounts, or the whole organisation. Contextual recommendations for next actions are also part of the service and promise to help with cost optimisation and security posture.

Databricks pushes managed MLflow Model Registry into GA

Databricks used its online Data + AI Summit to celebrate the general availability of the Managed MLflow Model Registry on its platform. Users already familiar with the tool may be pleased to learn they can now search and query models by tag and add comments to model versions. Future versions will see the addition of model registry webhooks, which are currently in private preview and can be used to trigger test pipelines or the sending of notification.