One cloud to rule them: Informatica’s service will manage all your data, everywhere

One cloud to rule them: Informatica’s service will manage all your data, everywhere

Informatica has made available the Intelligent Data Management Cloud, a data management platform designed to help organisations tackle the challenges of dispersed and fragmented data, glean insights from it, and allow developers to build new applications and services with it.

Announced at the firm’s Informatica World virtual event, the Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) is available now via a consumption-based pricing model, which Informatica said will allow customers the flexibility to scale their use of the service at a pace that suits their business.

IDMC is described as a cloud-native, AI-powered, end-to-end data management platform, comprising over 200 cloud services that provide organisations with the ability to catalogue and ingest data, prepare and cleanse it, as well as share it, with appropriate protections to minimise privacy risks and manage regulatory compliance.

The platform is aimed at enabling data integration and application integration, plus API and data management at scale, all in a single service built to support hybrid and multi-cloud environments, said Informatica.

“With Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud, all these services are available to you natively on a cloud-first, microservices-based, API-driven platform that’s both elastic and serverless. CLAIRE, our AI technology, is embedded in every service. We can bring data from any source, of any type, to serve any user anywhere,” claimed Informatica CEO Amit Walia.

However, customer organisations do not need to collect together their data in the one place to use the IDMC. Only the metadata is required, because the IDMC is implemented as a system of record for metadata, with machine learning algorithms layered on top to enable users to do whatever they wish with their data in an automated fashion.

On the developer side, Informatica claimed that IDMC enables agility and collaboration with a low-code or no-code experience allowing customers to move rapidly from an idea for a new application or service to implementation, responding to dynamic business requirements and changes in real time.

Informatica said it is now offering a free service model on Microsoft Azure to allow streamlined access and a simple testing opportunity.