Atlassian claims Open DevOps will let developers choose best tool for each job

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Atlassian has lifted the lid on Open DevOps, an initiative the Aussie business claims will make it easier for development teams to build their own toolchain that comprises their own choice of best-of-breed tools.

Announced on the Atlassian blog, Open DevOps is unsurprisingly based on the firm’s Jira platform, which has grown from a relatively simple bug tracking tool to encompass agile project management. It positions Jira as the backbone of the development toolchain, allowing teams to easily swap in the tools they want.

For teams building and operating their own services, Atlassian says it has laid the groundwork with a pre-configured Jira project called “Open DevOps” that combines Atlassian products with partner offerings. This default DevOps project is built around Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Opsgenie. However, Atlassian claims that developers can easily swap in tools such as GitLab or GitHub with just a click.

To deliver Open DevOps, Atlassian has integrated Git repositories – including Bitbucket, GitLab, and GitHub – directly into Jira. Developers just need to include Jira issue keys when pushing a change or merging a branch and Jira will update itself instantly.

Meanwhile, Jira’s deployments tab will automatically populate with the development team’s deployments, to make it clear which projects have been delivered and when. This works with any CI/CD provider, according to Atlassian, from Bitbucket Pipelines to tools like Gitlab, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Circle CI, or JFrog.

With Confluence embedded in Open DevOps, teams can access ready-made templates for best practices like change management, runbooks, and post-incident reviews. Users can also create workflows across all their development tools with Jira’s automation engine, which keeps work in sync with development activity and saves time, according to Atlassian.

The average organisation practicing DevOps employs an average of ten tools in its DevOps toolchain, according to an Atlassian survey, 2020 DevOps Trends. The firm said it believes that software teams should be able to choose the best tools and technology without resigning themselves to a disjointed best-of-breed toolchain or having to compromise and consolidate all of their tools with a single vendor.

Open DevOps currently features integrations with leading testing, security, feature flagging, and observability vendors in Jira, and Atlassian said it will continue to add third party tools as one-click connections to Jira in future.