The great internet meltdown of 2020? Find out what really happened at Continuous Lifecycle Online

The great internet meltdown of 2020? Find out what really happened at Continuous Lifecycle Online

Event We’re checking the lighting, tapping the mikes and ironing out the gremlins before kicking off the online edition of Continuous Lifecycle London on Monday, May 10, and we’d really like to see you there.

And we’re particularly pleased that longtime friend of the Continuous Lifecycle family Anne Currie, is joining us as our day one keynote speaker, with a session delving into the Internet Apocalypse, 2020.

In this session, Anne will consider how 2020’s pandemic-mandated shift to “almost perpetual video conferencing and Netflix-watching” meant an inevitable meltdown of the internet and society – and will examine why the hell things didn’t work out that way. (Clue: the cloud and Game of Thrones amongst other things)

Anne completes a veritable triptych of top notch keynotes at CLO. On Day two, Dr Holly Cummins, senior technical staff member and innovation leader at IBM, will be talking to you about How to Love Kubernetes and Not Wreck the Planet, while Day three keynote speaker Liz Fong-Jones, will give you a primer on chaos and resilience engineering, and some pointers on how to use these approaches in production.

They head up a speaker lineup that brings together true thought leadership and impeccable practical experience covering topics from Lego’s day 2 experiences with serverless, how to use Kubernetes build and deploy pipelines in AI and machine learning, and what’s next in the container space.

 You can see the full lineup of speakers, and purchase tickets on the CLO website.

And even though things are still virtual this year, we’ll be making sure it’s not all one way traffic with extended Q/A times, an open space to meet and talk to other attendees, and even a bit of a social with a Tuesday evening table quiz, if you’re up for that.

Remember, each day dives into a specific topic, with day one focusing on DevOps, day two on Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration, and day three talking containers. You can access all three days of CLO for just £250 or take things day by day.

With every session recorded and available to ticket holders exclusively after the conference, you won’t have to worry about those day-to-day interruption and distractions.

But don’t leave it to the wire. Sign up today, and we look forward to seeing you bright and early on Monday.