Break point: Icinga, Kong Enterprise, Qt, Google Cloud, and Tigera

Break point: Icinga, Kong Enterprise, Qt, Google Cloud, and Tigera

Icinga for Windows 1.8 has matured into general availability this week, offering users an all-new management console menu and some plugin improvements. In the run-up to the release, the developers behind the monitoring tool also tackled various sources of dismay ranging from memory leaks in the background to installer freezes when working with managed users, so the update should be worth a look.

Qt 6.3 transitions into beta stage

After having recently shared its reworked licensing model, the Qt company has now pushed out a beta version of the upcoming v6.3 of the GUI building toolkit. Like this, developers have the chance to contribute feedback on new additions such as a language server module or Qt PDF, a component users might already be familiar with but which didn’t make it into the 8.2 release. Other enhancements include core additions such as functions to combine multiple futures, QVarLengthArray object streaming capabilities in QDebug, and improvements to time format handling.

Kong Enterprise 2.7 lands

The option to automatically bulk-apply policies to APIs, a wizard for configuring OpenID Connect, and support for data streaming platform Kafka are highlights of the just released version 2.7 of Kong Enterprise. The commercial flavour of the API gateway also promises major throughput and latency improvements as part of the update.

Google Cloud Python logging library turns 3.0

The Google Cloud team celebrated the third major release of its Python logging library this week. google-cloud-logging 3.0 should be especially of interest to developers who experienced problems when using the lib in serverless environments before, since the update utilises structured JSON logging to improve this use case. Users can also look forward to JSON support in the standard library integration, and metadata autodetection which is hoped to enhance the user experience when troubleshooting.

Tigera fits Calico Cloud with new runtime security model

Cloud native networking company Tigera recently presented practitioners with a new runtime security model for its security and observability platform Calico Cloud. The SaaS product now sports a new scanning engine meant to continuously check images for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, zero-trust controls, dynamic service and threat graphs, as well as new options to dynamically mitigate breaches.