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Joe Fay is content director, events at Situation Publishing. He has been covering technology and business for over 20 years, and edited publications in London and San Francisco.

Security researchers go deep on Helm’s code under CNCF audit process

The Helm project has passed its mandatory CNCF security audit status, apparently with flying colours. As a member of the CNCF’s incubator programme, Helm...
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New Relic buys IOPipe, plugs it into own serverless offering

New Relic has snapped up AWS Lambda monitoring specialist IOPipe, and will fold the company’s technology into its own serverless offering before targeting other platforms.
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GitLab ponders block on Russia, China employees in sensitive jobs after customer “concern”

GitLab has sparked a furore over whether to recruit individuals based in Russia or China for roles that involve access to customer data, and whether excluding these...
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GitLab holds blameful post-mortem on its pulled telemetry plan

GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij has promised users that it will not rollout telemetry that sends data to third parties, as the firm tries to draw a line...
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Google AI Platform offers any model you like…as long as you like TensorFlow and...

Google has added the option of Nvidia GPUs to its AI Platform as part of an overhaul of the as a service platform. As...
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GitLab telescopes telemetry effort after users push back

GitLab has been forced to backtrack on the telemetry plan it unveiled earlier this month, after users declared they’d rather keep their pipelines and other operations untapped...

openSUSE community votes on name change – but not to what….

The openSUSE project is in the midst of asking stakeholders to vote on a name change - though what the new name might be is not clear.
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Microsoft pulls tighter on blockchain with R3 Corda Enterprise

Microsoft has stepped up its integration with enterprise blockchain firm R3 by offering the finance giant-backed firm’s Corda Enterprise platform via the Azure Blockchain Service.
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What’s the point: Azure ships Repos app, final EAP for latest TeamCity, Elasticsearch, and...

Microsoft has pushed out its Azure Repos App for Microsoft Teams. The app means repositories and branches can be monitored within Teams channels. Subscriptions and notifications can...
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GitLab 12.4 pushes merge request dependencies, governance

GitLab has rolled out its latest iteration, with the emphasis this time round on merge request dependencies and a whole pile of governance features.