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Joe Fay is content director, events at Situation Publishing. He has been covering technology and business for over 20 years, and edited publications in London and San Francisco.
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D2iQ promotes Kommander to master Kubernetes management

D2iQ has bid to become the latest organisation to bring some order to the Kubernetes world, with the launch of Kommander. Highlighting just how...

Red Hat declares Quay code open

Red Hat has open sourced the code behind Project Quay, the six year old container registry it inherited through its purchase of CoreOS. The...
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GitLab gets native with Sourcegraph code review in upcoming release

GitLab has promised “native code intelligence” and review in its next release, courtesy of an integration with Sourcegraph. The devseceverythingops vendor said the integration...
Istio security

Istio pushes out v1.3.5, will kill off v1.2 support on Friday 13th

The Istio project has pushed out v1.3.5 of its eponymous service mesh, plugging a fistful of bugs but not quite fixing the DoS vulnerability it disclosed last...

How many openSUSE fans want a name change? The answer is 42…and it’s not...

openSUSE fans can rest easy that their lovingly curated swag remains relevant, after the community behind the Linux distribution voted against a proposal to change the project’s...
What's the point

What’s the point: Quarkus hits v1.0, Vitess graduates, Spring Vault, Istio

Red Hat’s Quarkus project has hit v1.0, eight months after the vendor first unveiled the “Kubernetes Native Java framework”. New features in the v1.0 release include “a...
Google Cloud

Google Cloud Datastore has Monday meltdown, tips other services over

Google Cloud is having a manic Monday, with a succession of the vendor’s services having problems getting up and running after problems with its core Datastore service.

Security researchers go deep on Helm’s code under CNCF audit process

The Helm project has passed its mandatory CNCF security audit status, apparently with flying colours. As a member of the CNCF’s incubator programme, Helm...
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New Relic buys IOPipe, plugs it into own serverless offering

New Relic has snapped up AWS Lambda monitoring specialist IOPipe, and will fold the company’s technology into its own serverless offering before targeting other platforms.
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GitLab ponders block on Russia, China employees in sensitive jobs after customer “concern”

GitLab has sparked a furore over whether to recruit individuals based in Russia or China for roles that involve access to customer data, and whether excluding these...