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Like C# before it, breaking change in Go may fix ‘design decision that makes programs incorrect’

The Go team has posted about a problematic language feature which, says Google Distinguished Engineer Russ Cox, is […]

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile hits beta, aim is ‘to be stable next year’

JetBrains has released the first beta of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, a framework for coding applications for Android and […]

State of DevOps report 2022: for secure software, team culture counts more than technology

Google’s DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) team has published its 2022 State of DevOps report, finding a drop […]

SQLite not open enough and needs modernization complains project which forks it

A new fork of SQLite, called libSQL, aims to modernise this massively popular embedded database, with its founder […]

Open source postgres-wasm brings in-browser PostgreSQL, usefulness unclear

PostgreSQL has been ported to WebAssembly in an open source project called postgres-wasm, created by database developer company […]

Deno 1.26 released with experimental improved npm and Node.js compatibility

The Deno project has released version 1.26 with enhancements, including improved support for npm modules, implementations for more […]

Massive web tech survey shows how bad habits continue – and WebAssembly may be over hyped

The HTTP Archive has published most of its 2022 web technology report, called the Web Almanac, based on […]

Cloudflare previews workerd, an open source JavaScript/Wasm runtime for ‘nanoservices’

Cloudflare has released workerd in beta, an open-source JavaScript/Wasm (WebAssembly) runtime based on the same code as Cloudflare […]

After axing free plans, Heroku introduces ‘low cost’ tier including scale to zero

Salesforce-owned Heroku is introducing new low-cost dyno plans, called Eco, to mitigate its decision last month to end […]

TypeScript 4.9 in beta: New ‘satisfies’ operator, no ECMAScript Decorators yet

TypeScript 49 is now in beta, with significant updates including a new “satisfies” operator, but ECMAScript Decorators, which […]