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Python snakes within hissing distance of Java in battle of the langs

The TIOBE industry survey of the top 100 programming languages by popularity for October 2020 shows two main trends - Java’s accelerating decline and Python’s growing popularity....

Kong climbs down the stack to add UDP to its API gateway

Kong’s eponymous Gateway product has now reached version 2.2, with the company promising wider protocol support, more granular and dynamic configuration for data paths, new Go plugin...

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 adds roles, tunings, profiles, app streams, containers. That’s it.

The world’s favourite grown-up headgear-themed Linux distro, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, has reached version 8.3, Red Hat has announced. Identical in most respects to 8.2, the new...
placing your bets

Sony takes a Flutter on embedded system interfaces

Embedded systems developers have a very different environment to desktop and mobile for UI design and implementation, with much less standardisation and more variability in toolkit, operating...

What’s cooking? Progress updates Chef’s configuration manager, mixes and merges other ingredients

Progress has revealed the first updates to configuration manager Chef, its latest acquisition, since its $220m purchase completed earlier this month.
Continuous Lifecycle Online 2021

Practitioners wanted: Call for proposals for Continuous Lifecycle 2021 is open NOW

Even though a lot of things are different this year, autumn is still the time of our Continuous Lifecycle call for proposals and we'd love to hear...

Applitools casts robot eye on apps through Github and Microsoft Visual Studio

Makers of automated UI/UX testing Applitools has confirmed it has integrated its platform with Github, Github Actions and Microsoft Visual Studio App Center.

Kubernetes gets mishap trap with KubeLinter static config analyser

Container security specialist StackRox has released Kubelinter, its static analysis tool to automatically check container deployment against best-practice security standards. It uses Kubernetes YAML...

Docker delays dead data delete, pushes on with pull purge

Container company Docker has announced a stay of execution on petabytes of dusty images cluttering up its Hub store, which were due to be deleted on 1 November.

We’re Loki trying to help log watchers: Grafana rolls out new system health tools...

Grafana Labs today rolled out two new tools to add to its metric visualisation suite of products during its first virtual ObservabilityCon.