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Practitioners wanted: Call for proposals for Continuous Lifecycle 2021 is open NOW

Even though a lot of things are different this year, autumn is still the time of our Continuous […]

Applitools casts robot eye on apps through Github and Microsoft Visual Studio

Makers of automated UI/UX testing Applitools has confirmed it has integrated its platform with Github, Github Actions and […]

Kubernetes gets mishap trap with KubeLinter static config analyser

Container security specialist StackRox has released Kubelinter, its static analysis tool to automatically check container deployment against best-practice […]

Docker delays dead data delete, pushes on with pull purge

Container company Docker has announced a stay of execution on petabytes of dusty images cluttering up its Hub store, which were due to be deleted on 1 November.

We’re Loki trying to help log watchers: Grafana rolls out new system health tools to test and trace

Grafana Labs today rolled out two new tools to add to its metric visualisation suite of products during […]

MCubed Online: Join us for one day of practical tips for real-world machine learning

There’s one thing that hasn’t been disrupted over recent months. Machine learning and AI continue to push their […]

GitLab brings Jira support in 13.2 though admits there is ‘natural tension’ as it seeks to be everything to everyone

The headline feature in this release is the ability to assign issues to more than one “milestone” – GitLab jargon for a way of organising issues and merge requests into cohesive iterations.

While this may seem a small change, it is significant…

Rust 1.45.0 to deal with ‘longstanding unsoundness’

Developer darling Rust has hit version 1.45.0, replete with a fix for some long-standing “unsoundness” and stable support for Rocket.

Kudo(s) for Kubeflow: D2iQ preps machine learning platform for enterprise

D2iQ has emitted an enterprise-ready distribution of Kubeflow in the form of KUDO

JFrog sets sail on the K8s seas with ChartCenter

JFrog launches free central repository for public Helm charts