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Survey: how organizations believe AI will change DevOps

The majority of organizations believe generative AI will have a significant impact on DevOps, according to a new […]

Fuzz without fuss? Code Intelligence introduces AI tool to write test code

Code Intelligence (CI) has introduced CI Spark, an LLM (Large Language Model) AI assistant for creating tests, with […]

Fermyon previews new spin on Serverless AI via Wasm

Fermyon, specialists in WebAssembly (Wasm) microservices, has introduced a new serverless AI platform, in association with Kubernetes hosting […]

Stack Overflow: how much is traffic dropping, and how the moderator “strike” was resolved

Stack Overflow, the web site to which developers frequently turn for guidance on coding issues, said that its […]

JetBrains updates AI Assistant – including easier disabling to prevent code sharing

JetBrains has updated its AI Assistant, currently in preview, including a new way to restrict its use for […]

Stack Overflow unveils OverflowAI and VS Code add-in

Stack Overflow has introduced OverflowAI, a service under development which merges AI with its huge database of technical […]

JetBrains IDE update previews ‘deeply integrated’ AI Assistant

JetBrains is updating its range of IDEs, including a new AI Assistant with AI chat, code explanation, documentation […]

Microsoft previews TypeChat: structured conversational AI for developers

A team at Microsoft, including TypeScript inventor Anders Heljsberg, has introduced TypeChat, the aim being to add structure […]

GitLab outlines AI-assisted future, as Gartner claims DevOps platforms will dominate over traditional toolchains

GitLab introduced Duo at its launch event for GitLab 16 last month, a suite of AI capabilities for […]

Stack Overflow strives to protect community content from AI firms, striking mods say “re-enable the data dumps”

Stack Exchange, whose collection of Q&A sites includes the developer-favorite Stack Overflow, has quietly ended a long-standing policy […]