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Ten years of React, and new documentation site has framework opinions to share

The React team has released a new documentation site, including recommendations for using “a full stack React framework […]

Microsoft’s Visual Basic: Why it won, and why it had to die

Developer Alan Cooper conceived Microsoft’s Visual Basic (VB) as a “shell construction kit,” according to a new history […]

Polyglot Notebooks fully released for VS Code, with support for multiple languages – not including Python

Microsoft has declared the Polyglot Notebooks extension to Visual Studio Code ready for business, enabling multiple programming languages […]

AWS previews Mountpoint, a specialized open source Rust client to mount S3 storage into the file system

Interview AWS has introduced Mountpoint, an open source client for Linux that connects to S3 (Simple Storage Service) […]

Tainted PHP code? JetBrains Qodana has a new detection feature

JetBrains has released a taint analysis feature for PHP in preview, via its early access programme. A “taint”, […]

GitHub-extender ZenHub may add GitLab support, claiming platforms are ‘unapproachable’ for non-technical types

ZenHub, which has built its own project management platform on top of GitHub, has enhanced its issue-tracking support. […]

GitHub Desktop 3.2 adds pull request preview – but is a GUI needed for Git?

GitHub Desktop 3.2 was released last week, including a new “preview your pull request” feature that shows all […]

Microsoft TypeScript 5.0 is nearly done, complete with ECMAScript Decorators

The TypeScript team has rolled out TypeScript 5.0 RC, with Microsoft senior program manager Daniel Rosenwasser saying that […]

Kwok: simulate nodes with “Kubernetes without Kubelet” for controller testing

A Kubernetes SIG (Special Interest Group) has introduced Kwok (Kubernetes Without Kubelet) in order to make testing a […]

GitHub Blocks: preview opening for all users soon but remains “experimental”

The GitHub Blocks experiment will soon be open to all users, according to senior director of research Idan […]