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Qt quietly rolls out ambitious roadmap for 2019

The team behind Qt has outlined its plans throughout 2019 for the C++ library and associated tools, and […]

Java microservice library Helidon is ready for prime time

Java steward Oracle has released v1.0 of Helidon, a collection of libraries for writing microservices in the company’s […]

What does the future of AI look like? Facebook AI chief knows what he’d like to see

Facebook’s chief AI scientist Yann LeCun has been doing neural networks for quite a while now and has […]

What’s the point: GitHub gets drafty, Azure DevOps gets CLI, Elastic Stack and PostgreSQL updates

GitHub is introducing draft pull requests which its users can use to spark collaboration when code is not […]

Microsoft stands up for PostgreSQL with Citus Data buy

Microsoft has bolstered its PostgreSQL credentials after snaffling up database as a service outfit Citus Data. Describing its […]

Microsoft outs final release candidate for Azure DevOps Server

Microsoft has pushed out the final pre-release candidate of its Azure DevOps Server product ahead of the official […]

Pivotal securely spans major clouds with PKS 1.3 release

Pivotal Container Service 1.3 is now available, fleshing out the list of supported major cloud providers and bringing […]

FoundationDB opens Apple’s database sauce

FoundationDB has open-sourced a slice of relational-technology employed in Apple’s online services. The FoundationDB Record Layer is an […]

AWS takes aim at MongoDB with bracketed fire

Amazon has launched its own MongoDB compatible database service, in what is being seen as a major kick […]

Pirate Party MEP serves up €1m Brussels-backed bug program for open source

The European Union is ponying up close to  €1m under a bug bounty programme spanning a range of […]