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Visual Studio 17.8 released with .NET 8, but progress is slow with much-requested features

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 17.8 as part of its .NET 8 release wave, with hundreds of new […]

Qt rethinks commercial licensing, so you can distribute apps after your license has expired

The Qt Company, purveyor of the Qt GUI framework and tooling, has tried to make its commercial licensing […]

Get your Bluetooth headsets ready: Electron 16 learns to talk with human interface devices

Electron — a central building block of Visual Studio Code, WhatsApp, and Twitch — has made a version […]

Qt Multimedia on track to rejoin Qt in 6.2

Qt chief maintainer Lars Knoll has merged a reworked version of Qt Multimedia to the dev branch of […]

One IDE to rule them: JetBrains progresses with cross-platform mobile SDK

JetBrains is keeping up the pace of Kotlin development with an update on the progress of the Kotlin […]

Recently sent a patch? Qt Company surprises devs and maintainers by entering commercial-only LTS phase

The Qt Company has closed the Qt 5.15 branch for public commits, thus starting the “commercial-only LTS phase” […]

IDE like to get it done before Christmas: Qt Creator and Design Studio updated to ramp Qt 6 support

After pushing out Qt 6 out earlier this month, the Qt team has dragged Qt Creator 4.14 and […]

What’s the point: GTK, CUDA, PoCL, Eclipse, Spring Tools, and C++

After four years of work, the team behind the free and open source cross-platform widget toolkit GTK has […]

Qt 6.0 is coming to town, but add-ons might take a little longer

Version 6.0 of cross-platform development framework for GUIs and apps Qt has seen its promised December release and […]

OpenCL Spec reaches 3.0, gets SDK to up adoption rates

The Khronos Group  – a graphics, media, and parallel computation standards consortium – has declared that the OpenCL […]