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Terraform 1.1 moves forward with refactoring helpers and native Terraform Cloud integration

A good half year after Terraform hit its first major release, the team behind the infrastructure as a […]

Feeling safe yet? GitLab 14.5 introduces security scanning for infra as code config files

Repo management-cum-DevOps platform GitLab has gotten its monthly update. As part of the release of v14.5 the company […]

Google expands security portfolio with risk and compliance as code and extra fuzzing

Google seems to have noted a growing willingness to think about security early on in the software development […]

HashiCorp previews Cloud Development Kit for Terraform

HashiCorp has released a tech preview of its Cloud Development Kit for Terraform, the company’s infrastructure-as-code provisioning tool, […]

Break point: Qodana, Pulumi, OpenShift, GraalVM, Seldon, and VS Code

JetBrains has re-evaluated its Qodana code quality platform project and split the project into language-specific linters for Java, […]

Break point: Cycloid, Istio, Sumo Logic, FastAI.jl, O3DE, PyTorch Lightning, and Linkerd

DevOps tooling company Cycloid launched infrastructure-as-code product Infra Import into beta this week. The tool is based on […]

Sysdig announces plans to acquire Apolicy, moves into IaC space

Since many security breaches are down to configuration errors, cloud native security company Sysdig has decided to bulk […]

Full transparency: Consul 1.10 introduces less-prescriptive traffic handling

Work on version 1.10 of service networking project HashiCorp Consul is done, and the result is generally available […]

Internet down, infrastructure as code up: Terraform 1.0 finally lands

While the rest of the internet ground to a halt due to a hiccup at CDN Fastly, HashiConf […]

Chef cooks up Policy as Code with Infra Client 17 release

Chef Infra Client 17 is out, bringing increased platform coverage, better cloud support, and improvements to the Chef Infra […]