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Turn and face the strange: Kotlin 1.5.0-RC showcases ch-ch-changes

JetBrains has made available Kotlin 1.5.0-RC, a release candidate for the next version of its open source programming […]

Cats in the Gradle as 7.0 arrives – with version catalogs, native support for Apple silicon

Version 7.0 of the Gradle build automation tool for software development is out, adding a number of new […]

Comeback kid Fortran reappears in programming index

The TIOBE Programming Community index for April is out, showing who the latest movers and shakers are in […]

Microsoft to drink its own Java, releases preview of OpenJDK build

Microsoft is set to make its own distribution of Java the default across its Azure cloud services. The […]

Eclipse sends out first release train of the year, provides mainly clean-ups for old code

The Eclipse 2021-03 release train has reached the station with version 4.19 of the Eclipse IDE in tow, […]

Java 16 is here, though Oracle rep sees no need to rush updates

JDK 16, the implementation of v16 of the Java SE Platform, has landed bang on time, providing developers […]

Stuck with your Java monolith? Automatic refactoring might just be within reach

Microservices seem to have won the software architecture battle, but it’s not all green-field development, and breaking a […]

GraalVM 21 serves up Espresso for speed and isolation

Oracle’s universal VM project GraalVM is now available in version 21, introducing an experimental Java Virtual Machine implementation […]

Fourth time’s the charm: Tiobe declares Python programming language of 2020

It’s the beginning of the month, so software quality company Tiobe has done its usual magic and released […]

What’s the point: GTK, CUDA, PoCL, Eclipse, Spring Tools, and C++

After four years of work, the team behind the free and open source cross-platform widget toolkit GTK has […]