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AWS SDKs for Rust and Kotlin are production-ready after more than two years of development

AWS has made its SDKs (Software Development Kits) for Rust and Kotlin generally available and supported for production […]

JetBrains offers first stable release of Kotlin Multiplatform

JetBrains has made Kotlin Multiplatform available in its first stable release, enabling code sharing across iOS, Android, desktop, […]

Kotlin debuts “experimental” Kotlin/Wasm target in new beta  – a new approach to frontend development?

JetBrains has released Kotlin 1.9.20 beta, including an experimental feature called Kotlin/Wasm that targets WebAssembly. The new release […]

JetBrains Aqua: Preview is IDE for test automation but not yet comprehensive

JetBrains is developing an IDE for test automation, now in preview as Aqua. Although most IDEs already support […]

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile hits beta, aim is ‘to be stable next year’

JetBrains has released the first beta of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, a framework for coding applications for Android and […]

Google brands Carbon language as “experimental successor to C++”

At the C++ North event under way in Toronto this week, Google software engineer Chandler Carruth presented the […]

TIOBE Programming Language of the year 2021 title goes to Python (again)

For the second time in a row, Python has been crowned the programming language of the year by […]

Looking for Kover? Kotlin 1.6 introduces code coverage plugin

Java-alternative Kotlin 1.6 has been pushed into the open and provides developers with some stabilised language features, improvements […]

TeamCity 2021.2 gets 2FA, further integration and enhanced interface

JetBrains has released TeamCity 2021.2, the latest version of its continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) server, adding features […]

Kotlin 1.5.20 advances Java interoperability, helps to speed things up

JetBrains’ programming language Kotlin is available in version 1.5.20, and though it is just a small version step, […]