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Windows development revamped with Copilot Runtime, native PyTorch – and the surprising comeback of WPF

There was news for Windows desktop developers at Microsoft’s Build event, under way in Seattle, including a Copilot […]

Microsoft releases .NET Aspire as an ‘opinionated stack’ for cloud applications, including telemetry and a monitoring dashboard

At its Build event under way in Seattle, Microsoft has released the first production build of .NET Aspire, […]

Despite improvements, developers bemoan low quality of Microsoft’s C# Dev Kit for VS Code

Microsoft has improved the C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code (VS Code) with support, Aspire integration and […]

Dapr: not just for Kubernetes or the Microsoft platform, says co-creator Mark Fussell

Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime) was created at Microsoft for Kubernetes, but goes beyond both, said co-creator Mark Fussell. […]

React Native and why Microsoft uses it for its own cross-platform development

Interview: Microsoft is among the biggest users of React Native for cross-platform development, despite having its own home-grown […]

VS Code updated with test coverage API, fixed floating windows, TypeScript 5.4 and more

Microsoft has released an update to Visual Studio Code, now built on Electron 28, with hundreds of changes, […]

.NET Smart Components experiment the “Visual Basic” of AI programming?

Microsoft has introduced experimental .NET Smart Components as an effort to make AI programming within reach for every […]

Microsoft defends .NET 9’s fresh feature against accusations of disrupting open source ecosystem

A new feature proposed for the forthcoming .NET 9 has sparked comment from open source developers: why does […]

Microsoft struggles to address fallout from Windows Forms designer failure in 64-bit Visual Studio

An improved 32-bit out of process designer is Microsoft’s solution to broken support for legacy 32-bit Windows Forms […]

Developers urge Microsoft to “reconsider” auto-installing recommended components in Visual Studio

A new feature of the Visual Studio installer, the automatic install of “recommended” components even when not specifically […]