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Microsoft releases .NET 8 with preview of Aspire cloud-ready stack to ‘simplify cloud app complexity’

Microsoft has released .NET 8 to general availability – a long-term support version – together with a preview […]

Microsoft’s Semantic Kernel + OpenAI’s new AI Assistants API: perfect fit, or recipe for developer confusion?

Microsoft’s Semantic Kernel, an SDK for AI programming, will provide an abstraction layer for OpenAI’s just-announced AI Assistants […]

Mozilla will move Firefox development from Mercurial to Microsoft’s GitHub

Mozilla is to move the primary repository for its flagship Firefox web browser from Mercurial to GitHub, in […]

Microsoft-sponsored Radius project aims to mitigate “limitations of Kubernetes”

The Microsoft Azure Incubations Team has introduced an open source (Apache 2.0 license) platform called Radius, designed for […]

Microsoft posts ‘early stages’ code for developing Windows drivers in Rust

Microsoft has posted code on Github enabling developers to code Windows drivers in Rust, a key step towards […]

Microsoft will block online Exchange Web Services API – but gaps remain with Graph alternative

Microsoft will retire Exchange Web Services (EWS) for Exchange Online, other than for its own applications, from October […]

Most valuable change in .NET 8? Dynamic optimization on by default, says Microsoft

Microsoft partner software engineer Stephen Toub has posted at length about performance improvements in the forthcoming version of […]

Visual Studio Code update includes return of Unity support, now from Microsoft

Microsoft has updated Visual Studio Code (VS Code) to version 1.81, including support for partial profiles, an improved […]

Microsoft previews TypeChat: structured conversational AI for developers

A team at Microsoft, including TypeScript inventor Anders Heljsberg, has introduced TypeChat, the aim being to add structure […]

Visual Studio preview updates Extension Manager and HTTP Editor, both lag VS Code

Microsoft has released a further preview of Visual Studio 17.7, the next update to its Windows IDE, with […]