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HashiCorp Waypoint preps for Kubernetes users, Nomad toys with reusable app deployments

DevOps tooling provider HashiCorp has released version 0.6 of its application deployment app Waypoint, which sees the relatively […]

What’s the point: Nomad, Waypoint, Lens, NetBeans, GitLab, cri-o, and Ansible Builder

HashiCorp has pushed v1.0 of its workload orchestrator Nomad into general availability. The latest iteration allows users to […]

Workload orchestration: HashiCorp sends Nomad 0.12 across clusters

DevOps tool provider HashiCorp’s application and container orchestrator Nomad has recently hit version 0.12, bringing multi-cluster deployments to […]

HashiCorp wafts managed cloud product under users’ noses, plus Nomad gets a hand with multi-clusters

With infrastructure as code becoming more and more a thing, Terraform seems to be among the HashiCorp products […]

What’s the point: AWS Fargate hits 1.4, Sysdig gets deeper into IBM Cloud, Google’s SRE tome, Nomad and Go updates

AWS has released v1.4 of its Fargate Platform. The revamp of the serverless compute engine brings support for […]

HashiCorp moves Nomad 0.11 to beta

Before the final v0.11 of Nomad hits the streets, HashiCorp customers have been treated to a beta version […]

HashiCorp sends Nomad 0.10 on its way

Version 0.10 of workload orchestrator Nomad is finally generally available. HashiCorp co-founder Mitchell Hashimoto used the keynote at HashiConf […]

What’s the point: Nomad 0.9.2, Ruby 2.7, Azure, and Istio 1.2

HashiCorp’s workload orchestrator Nomad is now available in v0.9.2. The most notable additions in the release focus on […]

HashiCorp shuts down Gitter channels, introduces Community Portal

Anyone wanting to learn about Vault, Terraform, or any of the other HashiCorp projects has a new place […]

Wanna integrate more tools with Nomad? v0.9 has got you covered

HashiCorp has given its container orchestration tool Nomad a good once-over, reworking the task driver system and adding […]