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HashiCorp’s Packer becomes more Windows-friendly

The latest version of machine image creation tool Packer has been released, bringing a greater focus on Windows […]

Appdev sales help fatten up Red Hat before it’s swallowed by IBM

Red Hat’s (probably) last set of full year financial results showed its application development business growing faster than […]

OpenShift goes NoOps with 4.0 preview

A developer preview for version 4.0 of Red Hat’s container application platform OpenShift is now available with the […]

Red Hat gives Integration bundle a refresh

Red Hat has released the latest version of Red Hat Integration, a bundle of products for those looking […]

Married to OpenShift? Developing for Kubernetes might have just gotten easier

Red Hat OpenShift subscribers who are part of the company’s developer program just got an IDE for creating […]

Ansible Tower promises to play better with others, let everyone work at their own pace

Red Hat has opened up Ansible Tower 3.3 to the DevOps world, connecting it to the OpenShift Container […]