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Podman Desktop 1.0 released: a challenge to Docker Desktop

The RedHat-sponsored open source project Podman Desktop has hit general availability, with features including building and running containers, […]

Break point: Qodana, Pulumi, OpenShift, GraalVM, Seldon, and VS Code

JetBrains has re-evaluated its Qodana code quality platform project and split the project into language-specific linters for Java, […]

CRI-O 1.22 adds options against the metrics floods, adjusts certificate handling

Following the latest Kubernetes release, the CRI-O team has updated its container runtime interface implementation to version 1.22. […]

Red Hat reveals OpenShift Platform Plus, adds managed cloud services to OpenShift Dedicated service

Red Hat has unveiled OpenShift Platform Plus, an updated version of the firm’s enterprise application platform that adds […]

Red Hat and AWS’s ROSA hits GA. Managed OpenShift in the cloud, anyone?

Red Hat’s OpenShift application platform has been available for many years as a self-contained platform-as-a-service, typically deployed on-premises […]

Git a March on: GitLab 13.10 ramps up security, adds support for OpenShift, DORA

GitLab 13.10 introduces several new features to automate routine tasks

OpenShift boards the GitOps train

OpenShift 4.7 has landed, aligning the platform with various other Kubernetes distributions that are slowly catching up with […]

Stuck with your Java monolith? Automatic refactoring might just be within reach

Microservices seem to have won the software architecture battle, but it’s not all green-field development, and breaking a […]

What’s the point: Kong Gateway, pip, ASF, Vitess, OpenShift, and Docker

API gateway Kong Gateway has rolled out its 2.3 release. In addition to finally allowing teams to name […]

Practitioners wanted: Call for proposals for Continuous Lifecycle 2021 is open NOW

Even though a lot of things are different this year, autumn is still the time of our Continuous […]