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Don’t expect surprises: Kubernetes 1.23 stabilises dual-stack networking, makes progress on PodSecurity

The team behind container orchestrator Kubernetes has closed the year with a last feature release, which sees long […]

HashiCorp Waypoint preps for Kubernetes users, Nomad toys with reusable app deployments

DevOps tooling provider HashiCorp has released version 0.6 of its application deployment app Waypoint, which sees the relatively […]

Kubernetes 1.22 sheds beta ballast, takes steps towards rootless control plane

The team behind container orchestrator Kubernetes has finished version 1.22 of the CNCF flagship project. Highlights of the […]

Worth-the-wait K8s? Kubernetes 1.19 lands, giving admins time to slow down

After a slightly prolonged development circle, the Kubernetes project has emitted version 1.19 of the system for managing […]

Workload orchestration: HashiCorp sends Nomad 0.12 across clusters

DevOps tool provider HashiCorp’s application and container orchestrator Nomad has recently hit version 0.12, bringing multi-cluster deployments to […]

HashiCorp wafts managed cloud product under users’ noses, plus Nomad gets a hand with multi-clusters

With infrastructure as code becoming more and more a thing, Terraform seems to be among the HashiCorp products […]

HashiCorp moves Nomad 0.11 to beta

Before the final v0.11 of Nomad hits the streets, HashiCorp customers have been treated to a beta version […]

Kubernetes 1.18 gets “a bit quarky”, advances debugging efforts

Container orchestrator project Kubernetes 1.18, codename “a bit quarky”, is now available, celebrating unconventional ideas and the good […]

K8s distro Konvoy onboards isolated environments

D2iQ, the company formerly known as Mesosphere, has launched version 1.3 of its commercial managed Kubernetes platform Konvoy […]

Lyft drives ML platform Flyte into the open

Rideshare company Lyft has open sourced its orchestration engine Flyte, the secret sauce of its machine learning pipeline […]