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Break point: Rust 2021 plans, HAProxy Data Plane API, ServiceNow to Acquire Lightstep, IBM, and AWS SaaS Boost

The Rust team has published information regarding what to expect in Rust 2021, the third edition of the […]

Puppet goes on air with Relay beta for day 2 ops

What began last year as Puppet’s continuous delivery project, Nebula, has reemerged as an event-driven automation platform dubbed […]

AWS AppFlow trickles out, aiming to tighten the net around SaaS apps

In a bid to lure more devs onto its company’s services, AWS has pushed out AppFlow, claiming it […]

Platform9 tackles Kubernetes on VMware with new managed service

Software as a service provider Platform9 has introduced VMware to its managed Kubernetes service, bringing containers to one […]