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Visual Studio for Mac ‘retired’: From open source, to closed source, to dead

Microsoft is freezing development of Visual Studio for Mac (VS Mac), with support ending on August 31 2024. […]

Visual Studio preview updates Extension Manager and HTTP Editor, both lag VS Code

Microsoft has released a further preview of Visual Studio 17.7, the next update to its Windows IDE, with […]

Microsoft hits GA with Dev Box, already in use internally but pricey for the rest of us

Microsoft has reached general availability with Dev Box, a pre-configured remote desktop for developers, but with both VM […]

Open VSX alternative to VS Code Marketplace saved from closure by new Eclipse working group

The Eclipse Foundation has formed the Open VSX Working Group, to support and promote the extension registry for […]

Microsoft improves C# support in Visual Studio Code but full commercial use requires paid license

Microsoft has introduced a pre-release of C# Dev Kit, an extension to Visual Studio Code that brings many […]

Fluent UI proposal for Visual Studio raises fears about another botched redesign

Microsoft is planning to redesign the Visual Studio user interface to make it conform better to the Fluent […]

90 minutes from code to deployment: VS Code team describes internal development process

Microsoft has released version 1.78 of the Visual Studio Code (VS Code) editor and IDE – while also […]

Researchers demonstrate a thousand installs of fake VS Code extension in 48 hours

Researchers at Aqua Security have shown how easy it is to distribute an extension to Visual Studio Code […]

GitHub has hit $1bn revenue and 90m users, says Microsoft CEO on 4th anniversary of acquisition

“Four years since our acquisition, GitHub is now at $1 billion in annual recurring revenue,” reported Microsoft CEO […]

Go: new vulnerability checker released, survey shows developers in search of better error handling

The Go team has released an innovative vulnerability checker called govulncheck, along with the results of a survey […]