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Microsoft launches Windows Server Containers on Azure Kubernetes Service

If you’ve wanted to go cloud native with Kubernetes, but are loathe to leave your ageing Windows behind […]

HashiCorp’s Packer becomes more Windows-friendly

The latest version of machine image creation tool Packer has been released, bringing a greater focus on Windows […]

Python squeezes past Kotlin to take Rust’s dev love crown

Python has continued its slide to the top of the developer world in Stack Overflow’s annual survey for […]

Microsoft throws Windows PowerShell revamp at ‘surprising’ lack of uptake

Microsoft will “renew” efforts to completely replace its Window PowerShell command-line shell and scripting language platform following lacklustre […]

Kubernetes 1.14 opens up for enterprise Windows users, mascot zoo grows

Container orchestrator Kubernetes (K8s) has reached another milestone and is now available in v1.14, bringing CLI updates, production-level […]

Docker throws lifeline to aging Windows Applications

Docker shipped Docker Enterprise 2.1 this week, promising to extend the life of Windows Server applications that are […]