Issues with TeamCity? It announced fixes for 100 late last month

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JetBrains pushed out an upgrade to its TeamCity CI server over the holiday break, which it said would address a number of performance and upgrade problems in the December 7 2018.2 release.

Around 100 issues in total were addressed in December 27’s 2018.2.1 release, the Czech-based company said, “most notably upgrade-related problems”.

The firm said, “We strongly recommend upgrading, as this build also addresses some TeamCity performance issues.”

The full list of changes is available here, and includes five new features, ranging from “automatic detection of the change to blame for a failure” and “automatic investigation and muting.” Automatic blaming was flagged up as a major addition in 2018.2.


Five performance problems have also been addressed, including an issue with “extremely slow” opening of the edit template change, and the unavailability of the UI during high CPU usage.

When it comes to bug fixes, well there’s about 70 of those, ranging from ““buildProblem” service message printed from a test does not raise a build problem” to “Build can report ‘Free disk space requirements could not be met’ without noting the disk and requirement affected”.

You can see the release notes and get directions to the appropriate upgrade pages and Docker images here.

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