GitLab patches security issue, Google adds Go to Cloud Functions, Rust hits v.1.32.0

What's the point

GitLab has pushed out a security patch worth looking at: Users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to newly released versions 11.6.4, 11.5.7, and 11.4.14 of the repository management’s Community and Enterprise Edition. A lack of archive validation in v8.9 and earlier could have left third parties able to arbitrarily read repositories containing imported projects.

Google supports more languages in Cloud Functions

Meanwhile the team behind Google’s serverless offering Cloud Functions has been busy adding support for additional programming languages. If they’re okay with using betas, users are now able to choose Go 1.11 for their functions. Before, only Node.js and Python were available. For comparison: main competitor AWS natively supports Node.js, Java, C#, Python, and Go, although there are ways to get PHP and Ruby code running as well.

New Rust

The team behind Rust have released v1.32.0 of the language which claims to be “empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software”. It claims to include “a few quality of life improvements”, including a new macro – dbg! – to make print debugging easier. v1.1.32.0 also includes the final set of improvements to the language’s module system, in the shape of “uniform paths”, which “permits previously invalid import path statements to be resolved exactly the same way as non-import paths”.

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