What’s the point: Google API automates Docs workflows, Electric Cloud adds personas

What's the point

Google has opened up its Docs productivity apps with an API that promises the ability to create workflows based on documents and other info held in companies’ GSuite accounts.

The REST API covers three key tasks – create, retrieve, and batch update. In practice, says Google, this removes the tedium of insert, deleting, etc, not to mention integrating with lists, and inserting images and tables, as well as formatting texts and documents.

It doesn’t take too much imagination to think of some of the possibilities this throws up. But just in case you’re short of that, Google majors on the example of automating the production and shipping of invoices, or building a workflow such as generating an employment contract or lease, including gaining approvals adding appendices, etc.

Electric Cloud personas

Electric Cloud has shipped its ElectricFlow Winter 2019 release, and is flagging up the inclusion of “persona-based UI enhancements”, which it says means a “customised user experience for each DevOps role”. It says the new release also features an improved landing page, which presents the ability to add bookmarks and favourites, and easier access to personalised tasks and approvals. It also includes new pipeline and release triggers. You can see what persona you are here.

Jaeger scales v1.9

The team behind distributed tracing system Jaeger has shipped v1.9.2 of Jaeger Operator, the third update this year. Changes in the latest version include enabling a single operator to monitor all namespaces, adding a flag to control the logging level, and updating operator-sdk to v0.4.1.