West Europe Azure SQL customers say vale MariaDB, MySQL, SQL Database…

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Microsoft’s Azure SQL services are having a liedown in Western Europe today, with techies’ frustration being compounded by a lack of news from the vendor on when they can expect things to return to normal.

Users started tweeting about problems as the working day in Western Europe kicked off. (Azure’s Western Region is centred on the Netherlands.)

While Microsoft acknowledged problems as they arose, it seems it wasn’t till lunchtime that it made a definitive statement, confirming that “a subset” of SQL Services customers in West Europe might be experiencing problems across its database portfolio.

According to Microsoft, those problems “may include but are not limited to”:

  • Server and database create, drop & scale operations may result in “deployment failed” errors.
  • Creating databases through SQL Script may fail.

It added that engineers “are currently evaluating a number of work streams to understand the issue. Of those, engineers are validating a recent deployment as the possible root cause.”

According to the Azure status page, the full gamut of database services are affected, including MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and the Azure SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse Services.

It’s green ticks all the way for all Azure’s other services, though there appears to be a very small trickle of customers on Twitter reporting problems in other geographies, or with other Azure services.

It seems like it’s database specialists turn for a little Azure pain today. Last October Azure DevOps had a multi-region fail, with the service being hit again the following month.