What’s the point: XebiaLabs drops machine learning in pipeline

What's the point

XebiaLabs has become the latest CD vendor to drop a big dollop of machine learning into its pipeline toolset, claiming its DevOps prediction engine will assess the risk of a given release, before it even starts to run. XebiaLabs claims its Prediction Engine will highlight bottle necks before a release process starts, meaning managers can take preventative action. It says the engine will generate risk alerts, and a “comprehensive risk forecast” that summarises predicted delays and failures at every stage”. It will also deliver an overview of statistics for similar releases. Release forensics will help teams uncover “flakey automated tests”, problematic builds, and time-consuming manual processes.

Azure Apps supports Windows Containers

Microsoft has announced a public preview of Windows Container Support on the Azure App Service. The vendor is pitching the service for legacy app modernization, whether through “lifting and shifting” .NET apps to Azure or for business migrating third party apps from companies they no longer have a relationship with. It also cites the possibility of deploying apps with custom dependencies or relaxed security restrictions.

GitLab patches last week’s release


GitLab has released a patch update for its Community and Enterprise Editions, resolving a number of regressions and bugs in v11.9.0, which shipped last week. The update – v11.9.1 – should not require any new migrations or downtime, GitLab said.

Red Hat upgrades Satellite

Red Hat has announced a beta of Satellite 6.5. The main focus is the addition of support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 to the management platform, “so that when RHEL 8 is generally available our customers can immediately begin using it”.

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