What’s the point: Terraform nears teens, TeamCity gets singular, Serverless Framework update, Istio cutoff date

What's the point

HashiCorp has released Terraform 0.12, which it describes as a “major update” across the “breadth and depth” of the Infrastructure as Code tool. The new version features first-class expression syntax, which “allows expressions to be used directly in any situation where a value is expected”. Previously, non-literal expressions had to be included as interpolation sequences inside strings. v0.12 has a  generalized type system which “makes composition more convenient by giving more options for passing objects and other values between modules.” It also includes a new plan renderer, which integrates with the new type system, and shows changes “in a form that resembles the configuration language, and which indicates nested structures by indentation.”

JetBrains serves up TeamCity on a single page

Jet Brains has officially released TeamCity 2019.1, highlighting a redesigned UI, native GitLab integration and support for GitLab and BitBucket Server pull requests. The Czech-based developer said that, as well as improving the overall look, “we’ve also updated the underlying technology stack so now the UI works as a single-page application”. A new sidebar provides access to builds and projects, while a reworked project overview provides a dashboard view of build configurations. The platform also now offers native support for Go.

No more casual release Fridays with Serverless Framework Enterprise


Serverless Inc has released v0.10.0 of its Serverless Framework Enterprise. The update offers support for Deployment Profiles, which it says will make it easier for serverless development teams to enforce operation and security best practices, by designating AWS accounts for each stage in their applications. Admins can, for example, enable the framework to issue temporary AWS access keys to allow deployment. It cites the example of ensuring teams are not permitted to deploy to production on a Friday.

Istio says no going back for v1.0

Istio has announced that support for v.1.0 of the service mesh will end on June 19. The project is encouraging users to update to the recently released v1.1.7, as it will stop back-porting fixes for security issues and critical bugs after that date.

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