Elastic bounces out Stack 7.5.0 release, looks ahead with Kibana Lens

Elastic has shipped what must surely be its last major release of the year in the shape of Elastic Stack 7.5.0.

The highlight of the release is Kibana Lens, which Elastic has described as “an entirely new data visualization experience” which it claims will “let you rapidly go from raw data to meaningful visualization without needing any previous technical experience or knowledge of Elasticsearch.”

This means drag and drop and the ability to easily switch between chart types and different index patterns as well as “smart suggestions to show you other views of your data”. The application is in beta for now, and will be free to users as part of the default Elastic distribution.

Other new features include “lookup-based enrichment” in Elasticsearch, which “uses data within your existing indices to build a lookup index” and allows the creation of an enrich policy. Users can then create an ingest pipeline for the enrich processor, so that incoming data using the pipeline will be enriched automatically.


Elastic Enterprise Search now has one click integration with SharePoint Online, Office 365 and OneDrive, and there is also a ServiceNow connector. Enterprise Search is now being versioned – which means the latest release is officially 7.5.0 – but the company adds that it is still in beta.

Sticking with the Microsoft theme, the stack now includes “turnkey” monitoring of Microsoft Azure metrics. 

Endpoint security data is now viewable in the Metrics and Logs apps. The company recently bought endpoint security firm Endgame for $234m, marking a strategic bet on security. Also, endpoint security data and alerts are now included in the SIEM app, which also gets new visualisations and widgets.

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