SaltStack puts cooperation front and center in 6.2 enterprise release


SaltStack Enterprise has been given an update, pushing the version number to 6.2, and providing better integration with other tooling as well as more Windows content.

The latter can be found in SaltStack’s SecOps product Comply. The continuous compliance tool can now access certified CIS content for Windows Server 2012 and 2019, which gives a nod to the high percentage of Microsoft users in the enterprise space. In earlier versions most of the security policies included aimed at various Linux distributions.

The SaltStack team also looked into the product’s performance, which led to the addition of an intermediate SQLite database layer. This is meant to improve event processing between the Salt Master and the Enterprise Operations Framework by giving the system a space to queue events. 

Incidentally the layer also solves the problem of event persistence in the face of network failures, and adds a way to forward SaltStack events to a variety of Salt Returners like Redis or local files. 


The most highlighted change of the release, however, is the close integration with vulnerability management tool It allows SaltStack Protect 6.2 to import vulnerability assessments, which can then be used to automate the remediation process.

SaltStack Enterprise was also opened up to work better with data analytics and monitoring provider Splunk. Users of the latter can now configure the Splunk Universal Forwarder to ingest events and machine data generated by the SaltStack.

Only earlier this week, the automation tool provider released Salt 3000, switching its open source offering to a new naming convention and fitting it with a new state and execution module for managing Java Keystore amongst other things.

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