OpsRamp starts offering hints to first-responders


The team behind IT operations management platform OpsRamp has pushed out the Winter 2020 release of its project, focusing on offering better support during critical incidents amongst other things.

The latter is implemented via a Recommend Mode, in which teams receive suggested actions with the actual alert to help them with the next steps of incident response. 

Since the platform also uses quite a bit of data analytics and machine learning to come up with policies and other helpers, the OpsRamp developers have used the release to add visualisation for alert seasonality patterns, so that it’s a bit clearer where a prediction might stem from. 

Meanwhile an alert stats widget is meant to demonstrate how the tool helps in focusing on critical alerts only, by showing how the OpsQ component deduplicates and correlates events before using policies to get alert numbers down for operations personnel.


The new release comes with a supplemented alert integrations offering, giving users insight into events from tools such as monitoring platform Prometheus, Logz.io, or Dynatrace. To help users stay on top in more abstract settings, the platform now also sports automated topology mapping for Azure and GCP, as well as 19 new cloud services in the cloud monitoring tooling.

Other platform updates include a way to monitor or remotely discover Windows Server by using WMI and SSH protocols, and capabilities for performance analyses at web service level and the supporting hybrid infrastructure layer.

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