Break point: Waypoint, Docker Desktop, Facebook, React, and Weave GitOps Core

Break point: Waypoint, Docker Desktop, Facebook, React, and Weave GitOps Core

Just shortly before kicking off the EU version of its user conference, DevOps tooling specialist HashiCorp announced version 0.4 of its continuous delivery project, Waypoint. The open source software was introduced last year and is meant to provide teams with “a consistent workflow to build, deploy, and release applications across any platform”.

Version 0.4 introduces mutable deploys to the project and fits it with a feature to inform users about the state of their releases. Waypoint users can now also write their configuration values into files instead of environment variables, and define internal variables — a new variable class not exposed to the application.

Paying customers only: Docker Desktop reworks volume management

Docker Desktop has been made available in version 3.4 and marks the beginning of an initiative to simplify volume management. Pro and Team subscribers now have the option to check, from within their UI, which containers use which volume and examine a volume’s contents. Future versions are also planned to include capabilities to download files from a volume, and read-only view for text files.

Devs yearning to work with Compose v2 can opt into using the tool by running docker-compose enable-v2 in Docker Desktop 3.4. And, thanks to community feedback, everyone will now be able to skip reminder notifications about new releases. This was available before for Pro/Team subscribers only, which many found confusing.

Facebook updates SDK and APIs, shares plans for React 18

Facebook pushed out version 11 of its platform SDK, Graph API, and Marketing API. New SDK features include “Login Connect with Messenger, additional permissions for Limited Login, as well as updates to the auto-logging of in-app purchases on the Android platform”. The Graph API access levels model has been expanded to Consumer Applications, while the Audience Deletion API will now automatically delete audiences, Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, or saved audiences that haven’t been used in active ad sets for two years.

Work on React 18 has started and there’s now a working group tasked with preparing the community to gradually adopt upcoming features in place. One of the major additions planned for v18 of the UI library is a concurrent rendering mechanism for preparing multiple UI versions. It will lay the foundation for improvements like automatic batching, and a new streaming server renderer.

Weaveworks offers first look at new GitOps tool

Cloud-native company Weaveworks has introduced its customers to a new, Flux-based developer product Weave GitOps Core (WGC). The still very new tool is described as a continuous delivery product to run apps in any Kubernetes instance, since the company found spinning up a cluster and deploying an app not as easy as many would hope. WGC will “automatically monitor specific events in repos, branches and folders to compare and detect drift”, triggering pull requests should the declared and actual states differ.

The product announcement was accompanied by the presentation of a GitOps maturity model. The latter describes four stages companies typically undergo on their way to managing large scale deployments, as observed by Weaveworks.