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Red Hat Satellite 6.5 brings support for RHEL 8, container management enhancements

Red Hat has delivered an updated version of its Satellite management tool, adding support to handle the recently released Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8, some container...

Desktop app developers can now run automated UI tests on Azure DevOps

Microsoft has added the ability for developers to run automated UI tests with desktop applications on Azure DevOps as part of their continuous integration (CI) process.
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AWS Lambda, meet Node.js v10

Amazon has added Node.js v10 support to its Lambda serverless computing platform on the AWS cloud, delivering claimed performance improvements. Lambda functions written in Node.js 10 will also run...

You’re not doing DevOps if you ain’t practicing continuous delivery, says CloudBees

Organisations are getting the message that DevOps is a key part of providing business agility, but many are failing to fully adopt the processes necessary for DevOps...

Azure Pipelines app for Microsoft Teams will ping you updates on builds

Microsoft has pushed out an Azure Pipelines app that integrates with Microsoft Teams to let busy developers get notifications on the progress of their various projects.

Microsoft melds ML with DevOps…drops MLOps onto Azure

Microsoft used its Build 2019 conference to detail how it is bringing DevOps practices into the machine learning sphere, to deliver what it calls MLOps capabilities in its Azure...
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Amazon S3 user? You may need to change the way you fill your bucket

Developers using AWS take note:  the cloud platform plans to change the way objects stored in S3 buckets are addressed, in order to head off anticipated issues...
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GitHub launches package registry service… What about dependencies, asks GitLab?

GitHub has launched a public beta of its Package Registry service, which aims to provide a single place for developers to host and manage the packages that...