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Red Hat uncovers revamped developer toolset in RHEL 8.1

Red Hat this week rolled out the latest version of its operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.1, bringing a number of enhancements such as live...
Azure Functions

Azure serves up pre-warmed Functions to offset cold starts

Microsoft has unveiled a number of enhancements for its Azure Functions serverless computing service, including PowerShell support for event-driven automation, extended language support and a way to...

Business value not velocity will define DevOps success, says Forrester

DevOps is facing a shakeout in the near future, according to Forrester Research. It predicts that businesses will pivot away from release cadence as a measure of how DevOps...

Javascript and Python top GitHub charts as non-US developers predominate

Machine learning and data science projects and increasingly active developer communities outside the US were some of the big drivers behind GitHub's growth over the last year.

GitHub offers self-hosted runners and internal repositories

GitHub has pushed out a beta of self-hosted runner support in its Actions workflow tool for eager users to evaluate, while GitHub Enterprise users can now take advantage of...

VMware Project Pacific beta makes vSphere Kubernetes-native

VMware has unveiled a beta programme for Project Pacific, its initiative to transform its venerable vSphere software into a Kubernetes-native application platform. The...

IBM shows Qiskit can target multiple quantum systems

IBM has demonstrated the flexibility of its Qiskit open-source quantum computing framework by extending the platform to support hardware that uses ion traps to perform quantum computations.

Microsoft revs Azure DevOps Server, puts canaries down Azure Pipelines

Microsoft has released an updated version of Azure DevOps Server, while Azure Pipelines now boasts improved continuous delivery capabilities and caching. The announcements were timed to coincide with the...

Serverless Inc update sees Python support slip into its Framework

Serverless Inc has updated its eponymous framework for building serverless applications and services with the ability to more easily deploy GraphQL apps on AWS, and added Python...

Microsoft showcases optional chaining as it lets loose TypeScript 3.7 beta

Microsoft has lifted the lid on a “feature complete” beta of TypeScript 3.7, claiming that it includes some of the most highly-requested features from end users, such as optional...