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S3? That’s so 2006. AWS deepens data infrastructure play

AWS has come a long way from the days of its simple S3 object store, with increasingly sophisticated […]

Amazon gifts little VM cracker – Docker and K8s up to you

Amazon has unleashed Firecracker – tiny, lightweight virtual machine technology the cloud giant had built and deployed for […]

AWS rolls out red carpet for robot builders

Amazon has tipped its hat to robotics developers, launching a robotics application development environment that lets people code, […]

Google nurtures Native-style web apps at Summit

Creating web apps that looked more like native apps was the presiding theme at Google’s Chrome Dev Summit […]

WG14 prepares for C Change

The C programming language nudged a little closer to its next version this week, with the publication of […]

Move fast, and test, test, test things

Mark Zuckerberg famously advised people to move fast and break things. It sounds good on paper, until you […]

‘Fold the Phone’, says Google at Android Dev Summit

Google made a raft of announcements at its Android Dev Summit last week, including recommendations for the new […]

HashiCorp opens conference goody bag, upgrades Consul, Vault

Cloud infrastructure automation company HashiCorp flagged up a raft of new releases and features across its product lineup […]

Red Hat Certifies Linux for NVIDIA AI Boxes

Red Hat cozied up even further with NVIDIA yesterday, certifying its Enterprise Linux platform on the GPU vendor’s […]

Oracle Releases CNCF-Certified Linux

While Larry Ellison talked up Oracle’s cloud services at the company’s OpenWorld conference on Monday, the company quietly […]