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Rust now has a Specification Team – but it will not define the language

The Rust leadership has formed a Specification Team, a key step towards delivering a specification for a programming […]

Visual Studio 17.8 released with .NET 8, but progress is slow with much-requested features

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 17.8 as part of its .NET 8 release wave, with hundreds of new […]

Microsoft releases .NET 8 with preview of Aspire cloud-ready stack to ‘simplify cloud app complexity’

Microsoft has released .NET 8 to general availability – a long-term support version – together with a preview […]

C++ 26 committee progresses new features including contracts and ‘desperately needed’ reflection

Herb Sutter, Convener of the ISO/IEC C++ Technical Committee, reports that C++ 26 will have new features including […]

Developers cheer GitHub Copilot Enterprise edition trained on organization code, but not its price

GitHub’s Universe conference is under way in San Francisco and online, and to nobody’s surprise the agenda is […]

Spring Boot 3.2 framework nearly done as VMWare claims huge growth in usage

VMWare has announced the general availability of Spring Boot 3.2, a significant update to this popular open source […]

Microsoft’s Semantic Kernel + OpenAI’s new AI Assistants API: perfect fit, or recipe for developer confusion?

Microsoft’s Semantic Kernel, an SDK for AI programming, will provide an abstraction layer for OpenAI’s just-announced AI Assistants […]

Mozilla will move Firefox development from Mercurial to Microsoft’s GitHub

Mozilla is to move the primary repository for its flagship Firefox web browser from Mercurial to GitHub, in […]

jQuery survey shows majority using unmaintained versions – but upgrading might not be easy

The OpenJS Foundation has sponsored a jQuery survey showing that a majority of websites using this ubiquitous library […]

JetBrains offers first stable release of Kotlin Multiplatform

JetBrains has made Kotlin Multiplatform available in its first stable release, enabling code sharing across iOS, Android, desktop, […]