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Modernizing legacy code at LinkedIn: how big bang versus gradual approach caused conflict

Former LinkedIn senior staff engineer Chris Krycho has spoken about the complexities of modernizing legacy code and how […]

Google has released Android Studio Iguana – but Studio Bot AI assistant remains in preview

Google has released Android Studio “Iguana”, based on the 2023.2 IntelliJ platform, with crash reports linked to specific […]

Test launch of TEA open source reward project clouded by repository spam attack 

A project set up to reward open source developers has stumbled after scammers that targeted GitHub repositories in […]

Stack Overflow turns to Google for hosting and AI features, trusts in Gemini for tech answers

Developer question and answer site Stack Overflow has signed a deal with Google Cloud, through which Stack Overflow […]

GitHub releases Copilot Enterprise, while Chat users fret about over-reaching permission requirements

GitHub has fully released Copilot Enterprise, where the major differentiation is integration with private repositories and organization knowledge […]

White House demands memory safe programming languages but ISO C++ group says it’s only part of solution

The USA ONCD (Office of the National Cyber Director) is joining the chorus of people demanding that developers […]

Microsoft struggles to address fallout from Windows Forms designer failure in 64-bit Visual Studio

An improved 32-bit out of process designer is Microsoft’s solution to broken support for legacy 32-bit Windows Forms […]

React 19 introduced, and ‘Forget’ compiler is now in production at Instagram – but not yet widely available

The React team has described the React Compiler as “no longer a research project,” and has introduced features […]

Visual Studio’s new extensibility model improves, yet frustrates devs with long preview and limited capability

Microsoft’s refreshed out-of-process extensibility model for Visual Studio – still in preview – now supports publication of extensions […]

Rust developers fear language is getting too complex and prefer bug fixes to new features

A new State of Rust survey shows that developers would prefer to see compiler bugs fixed and performance […]