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PHP report: Majority of deployments use versions that are out of support

Zend by Perforce has published its latest PHP Landscape Report, showing that PHP 7.4 is the most used […]

Microsoft updates its .NET language strategy, keeps Visual Basic alive but near-frozen

Microsoft has updated its .NET language strategy for the first time since 2017, the most notable change being […]

Deno makes the case for server side rendering

Deno, maker of an JavaScript/Typescript runtime for use outside the browser as an alternative to Node.js, has published […]

What changed? New Relic thinks it can help with the eternal DevOps question

New Relic’s Change Tracking feature – now generally available – is intended to help DevOps engineers to answer […]

Netlify acquires Gatsby Inc, with focus on plugin ecosystem and Valhalla content hub

Netlify has acquired Gatsby Inc, the San Francisco based company which is also steward of the open source […]

GitHub revokes stolen code-signing certs, invalidates some versions of Atom and GitHub Desktop for Mac

GitHub reports that a “set of encrypted code-signing certificates” were exfiltrated from private repositories used in the planning […]

Docker BuildKit 0.11 adds supply chain security features and more

Docker has added supply chain security features to BuildKit, the build component of the Docker Engine, including provenance […]

The biggest blocker to DevSecOps? Security teams and devs not getting on: Report

A new DevSecOps survey of enterprises says that only 28 percent of CISOs are confident that production applications […]

Spring developers excited about Project Loom and Spring Native – but SOAP hangs on

VMware has released its annual survey of Spring developers, finding high interest in Project Loom (lightweight threads for […]

EU’s proposed CE mark for software could have dire impact on open source

The EU’s proposed Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), which aims to “bolster cybersecurity rules to ensure more secure hardware […]