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Stack Overflow strives to protect community content from AI firms, striking mods say “re-enable the data dumps”

Stack Exchange, whose collection of Q&A sites includes the developer-favorite Stack Overflow, has quietly ended a long-standing policy […]

Stack Overflow volunteer moderators down tools over secret new policy that obstructs removal of AI-generated content

A number of Stack Overflow moderators have declared a “general moderation strike” to protest about being instructed not […]

Copilot crazy? Microsoft shoe-horns AI assistant into Windows 11, Power BI, Analytics and more

Microsoft’s Build developer event kicks off today, with a heavy focus on AI including Copilots for Windows 11 […]

Cloudflare adds AI services as CTO says “a developer platform without AI” is little use

Cloudflare has introduced new services at its Developer Week now under way, including Constellation, which enables running inference […]

Stack Overflow traffic drops as developers turn to AI coding assistants

Traffic to programmer help site Stack Overflow has been dropping “by an average of 6% every month since […]

Brussels greenlights AI Act, chews over Cyber Resilience legislation

The European Parliament has given the go-ahead to its proposed AI Act, after provisions covering how generative AI […]

RSA boss warns of ‘scary truth’: AI ‘co-pilots’ swooping on dev and sec jobs

AI is taking increasing chunks of developers and security pros’ work, whether the pros in question realize it […]

AWS CodeWhisperer AI coder now generally available, remains free for individual developers

AWS has released CodeWhisperer, its AI coding assistant, to general availability. CodeWhisperer is the company’s equivalent to GitHub […]

Microsoft’s Leslie Miley, technical advisor to the CTO, warns devs of both bias in AI and its environmental cost

QCon London kicked off this week, opening with a sombre keynote from Leslie Miley, Microsoft technical advisor to […]

GitHub claims new smarter Copilot will block insecure code, writes 40-60% of developer output

GitHub has updated its Copilot coding assistant with new features including a “vulnerability filtering system” to block insecure […]