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Google’s Bert slashes NLP tuning times, gets open-sourced

Google has promised to slash the time you need to train a question/answer system to as little as […]

Further AWS Lambda execution time extensions in the pipeline

AWS is examining further extending the execution timeout on its Lambda service, on the assumption that companies will […]

Mesosphere plots to bring order to hybrid cloud, machine learning

Mesosphere shot a slew of new products into orbit today, hitting a brace of buzzwords on the way […]

Red Hat Certifies Linux for NVIDIA AI Boxes

Red Hat cozied up even further with NVIDIA yesterday, certifying its Enterprise Linux platform on the GPU vendor’s […]

MCubed: Keynote speakers ask the really big issues on AI

AI has a habit of forcing even the most blinkered techie to ask themselves some of the big […]

NVIDIA goes higher, faster, RAPIDS for Machine Learning

NVIDIA has shot out RAPIDS, a suite of GPU-accelerated data analytics and machine learning libraries, into the open […]

MLflow heads towards Kubernetes, Windows support in v1.0 drive

MLflow should get Kubernetes and Windows support before it hits v1.0 sometime in the first half of next […]

MLflow picks up support for R as it hits v0.7

RStudio has thrown its weight behind MLflow, the multi-cloud Machine Learning framework launched by the creators of Apache […]

Facebook’s PyTorch to light the way to speedy Machine Learning workflows

Facebook’s development department has finished a first release candidate for v1 of its PyTorch project – just in […]

TensorFlow team refines distribution strategies, releases v1.11

The TensorFlow project has hit v1.11 with C, C++, and Python functions for querying kernels and support for […]