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GitHub digs into machine-learning repos, uncovers a lot of Python

GitHub has thrown a light on what is happening in the machine learning and data science development worlds, […]

Cisco’s AppDynamics claims to have invented the CNS…the nerve of it.

AppDynamics has delivered the first fruits of its borging by Cisco two years ago, with the launch of […]

TensorFlow 1.13 is getting ready as first pre-release drops

The first TensorFlow v1.13 release candidate is already showing traces of the structural renewal planned for the big […]

Hyperledger hatches supply chain/blockchain proposal, pops it in incubator

The Hyperledger Project has flicked the incubation switch on a framework to enable the development of supply chain […]

NumPy slithers to v1.16, prepares to shed skin of Python 2.7

Scientific computing package for Python NumPy is now available in v1.16 and includes improved interoperability with ctypes, as […]

Spell taps funding hat, pulls out AI development platform, hardware options

Spell, an artificial intelligence development platform founded by a former Facebook AI engineering chief, has rolled out its […]

Red Hat/Fedora decide MongoDB’s SSLP doesn’t fit

MongoDB’s January blues deepened this week as the team behind the Red Hat-backed Fedora Linux distribution confirmed it […]

TensorFlow says bye to globals as more v2.0 features pop up

With 18 issues to close before everything that’s supposed to land in the second major TensorFlow release is […]

Amazon launches AWS Backup, for when snapshots just aren’t enough

AWS has launched a Backup service, which might surprise you if you’d assumed the applications and data you’ve […]

MariaDB closes analytics and transactions gap with Platform X3

MariaDB has unleashed its eponymous Platform X3 into general availability, along with a Managed Service which will support […]