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Something for everyone: Azure teams unveil rash of updates

To start the New Year off and get your Azure usage up, Microsoft has pushed out updates to […]

Ali Baba barely blinks as it swallows Flink pioneers data Artisans

Ali Baba appears to have taken control of data Artisans, the Berlin-based outfit behind the Apache Flink open […]

What’s that behind you? Python – and it’s everywhere, say TIOBE

Python was the fastest growing progamming language of 2018, according to one tracking service that reckoned it seized […]

Huawei bets big on big-data ARM server

Huawei is rolling the dice on server ARM for big data, with a CPU it claims beats the […]

Facebook releases DeepFocus to open source

Facebook has open sourced DeepFocus, the AI-powered framework inside its Half Dome varifocal headset unveiled earlier this year. […]

Ready for a go? Facebook opens PyText NLP framework to all

Hard on the heals of declaring its PyTorch tensor and neural network library “production ready” Facebook has open […]

“Only good AI from now on,” promises Google as it swears off facial recognition

Google, taken to task by employees this year for participating in a US military project on computer vision […]

Oracle shows up at KubeCon bearing ‘comprehensive cloud native framework’

Oracle crashed the party at KubeCon today, promising to free developers from vendor lock-in with what it claims […]

PyTorch team sips Caffe2, serves up production ready machine learning library

More than half a year after the PyTorch team announced the v1.0 roadmap for their tensor and neural […]

TensorFlow is 10 with new Learning-to-Rank library

Google’s AI department has developed a scalable library on the basis of TensorFlow which should help to teach […]