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Feeling safe yet? GitLab 14.5 introduces security scanning for infra as code config files

Repo management-cum-DevOps platform GitLab has gotten its monthly update. As part of the release of v14.5 the company […]

TeamCity 2021.2 gets 2FA, further integration and enhanced interface

JetBrains has released TeamCity 2021.2, the latest version of its continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) server, adding features […]

GitLab updates Container Registry with metadata database to ease storage woes

GitLab is preparing to roll out a version of its Container Registry on GitLab.com that implements a metadata […]

Google introduces hosted notebook instances, Anthos for VMs, and PostgreSQL interface for Spanner to cloud portfolio

With Google Cloud Next in full swing, the GC team has launched a couple of new services and […]

Argo Rollouts celebrates “biggest release ever”, Events and Workflows throw in usability improvements

While the last feature release of Argo flagship Argo CD is a couple of months old already, contributors […]

Break point: Quarkus, Pins, Kong Gateway, Artifact Hub, ClusterAPI, OSS Port, and Tanzu

Kubernetes native Java stack Quarkus 2.3 has been pushed into the open this week. The update comes with […]

Getting machine learning into production is hard — the MCubed webcast is here for support

The MCubed webcast returns this week to tackle a whole other beast: Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning. Join […]

GitLab 14.3 premiers proprietary SAST engine, adds flexibility to pipelining

The monthly GitLab update is here, adding some bits to make pipelines more flexible while looking to improve […]

It’s an update: GitLab 14.2 hits servers in bid to simplify pipeline building

CI/CD platform plus repo management tool GitLab has seen its usual monthly update and is now available in […]

GitLab presents v14.1, introduces billing changes and Package Hunter

The first feature update to the 14.x series of DevOps platform GitLab is available, and finally fits the […]