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Docker quietly raises prices, limits Team accounts in favor of pricey Business subscriptions

Docker is increasing prices by around 28 percent for Team users and 14 percent for Business users, from […]

After axing free plans, Heroku introduces ‘low cost’ tier including scale to zero

Salesforce-owned Heroku is introducing new low-cost dyno plans, called Eco, to mitigate its decision last month to end […]

Microsoft emits .NET 7 early release licensed for production, new Visual Studio preview

Microsoft has released .NET 7 Release Candidate (RC) 1, and according to the team: “This is the first […]

StackBlitz server-in-browser adds Firefox support, headless API

StackBlitz, whose WebContainer product enables a Node.js server to run in WebAssembly within the browser for development, has […]

Rust applications previewed on Azure Sphere – a ‘lifeline’ for embedded systems, says Microsoft

Microsoft has previewed Rust-based applications on Azure Sphere, its platform for cloud-connected devices. Azure Sphere is formed of […]

Microsoft’s devcontainer.json: Just for VS Code or an evolving standard?

Last month,  Microsoft declared that “dev containers have become broadly useful for scenarios beyond VS Code” and introduced […]

Interview: Does new Envoy Gateway give hope for reduction in Kubernetes project sprawl?

Among the most significant announcements at the recent Kubecon Europe was the introduction of Envoy Gateway – not […]

GitHub Enterprise Server 3.5 released with Dependabot and more, but cloud version gets features first

GitHub Enterprise Server, the self-hosted version of the code shack’s platform, has hit version 3.5. The company said […]

Cloud-native developers grow, proportion knowingly using Kubernetes slides – report

A report out this week indicates that while the population of cloud-native developers is growing, the number of […]

Docker launches Extensions, Linux Desktop, CEO doesn’t expect it’ll ‘take away more free stuff’

Docker put out a new Extensions feature at its virtual DockerCon event, which opened today. There is also […]