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Fly.io CEO says reliability ‘not great’ as platform suffers scaling issues

Fly.io, a platform for easy deployment of container-based applications, is suffering reliability problems following a rapid influx of […]

Kwok: simulate nodes with “Kubernetes without Kubelet” for controller testing

A Kubernetes SIG (Special Interest Group) has introduced Kwok (Kubernetes Without Kubelet) in order to make testing a […]

Docker BuildKit 0.11 adds supply chain security features and more

Docker has added supply chain security features to BuildKit, the build component of the Docker Engine, including provenance […]

Fermyon’s new Spin and how ‘WebAssembly has miniscule compute requirements compared to more costly containers’

Fermyon’s Spin project has reached version 0.7.0 – now updated with a bug-fix release 0.7.1 – adding important […]

‘Electrifying’ Kubernetes 1.26 released with improved Windows support, verified binaries

Kubernetes 1.26, whose theme the team calls “Electrifying”, has been released with several important updates, including more complete […]

AWS Finch: Why the cloud giant created a new open source macOS client for container development

At the recent AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, Principal Engineer Phil Estes and Principal Technologist Jesse Butler gave […]

What is the best way to run a container on AWS? And will Lambda SnapStart come to other runtimes?

Interview: DevClass spoke to Deepak Singh, VP Developers, Events, Containers and Serverless at AWS.  How many ways are […]

Microsoft releases .NET 7 spanning Windows to WebAssembly, but can it keep up with the modern web platform?

Microsoft has released .NET 7, along with a flurry of updates to related frameworks and tools, including C# […]

Serverside WebAssembly hyped at Kubecon North America: tooling for Docker and Dapr integration introduced

Kubecon has kicked off, both virtual and in-person in Detroit, Michigan, including a Cloud Native Wasm (WebAssmbly) Day […]

Docker quietly raises prices, limits Team accounts in favor of pricey Business subscriptions

Docker is increasing prices by around 28 percent for Team users and 14 percent for Business users, from […]