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Google Dart 3.3 released, with new model for JavaScript interop to support Flutter WebAssembly

Google has released Dart 3.3, described as laying the groundwork for web applications compiled to WebAssembly, and including […]

Developers urge Microsoft to “reconsider” auto-installing recommended components in Visual Studio

A new feature of the Visual Studio installer, the automatic install of “recommended” components even when not specifically […]

Microsoft will focus on cloudy Aspire stack in .NET 9 and Visual Studio – for closer ties to Azure?

Microsoft will focus on the Aspire stack in .NET 9, now in preview and likely to be released […]

Javalin 6: a lightweight alternative to Spring Boot, now with virtual threads off by default

The open source Javalin project released version 6 last month, a major update to this popular lightweight web […]

Preserving the magic of free: new types of licenses will not solve open source business model, says Percona founder

A new type of license will not solve the business model of open source, Percona founder Peter Zaitsev […]

Rust Foundation interview: ‘We need more maintainers. We need more contributors’ 

The Rust ecosystem needs more maintainers and contributors, according to Rust Foundation Executive Director and CEO Dr Rebecca […]

jQuery 4.0 hits beta, with reduced support for Internet Explorer and breaking changes

The jQuery team has released version 4.0 beta. Support for Internet Explorer (IE) 10 and lower has been dropped, and the team has warned of breaking changes.

IE support will be dropped completely in version 5.0, when it arrives several years from now.

Hey Code: Visual Studio Code now supports voice sessions as well as configurable auto-save and other updates

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code, the most popular code editor by most measures, has introduced voice sessions – though […]

Agile process can spur micromanagement and poorly maintained code, says ex-Google software engineer

A former Google software engineer and architect, in a book on software quality, states that Agile methodology can […]

Slint 1.4 released: lightweight cross-platform GUI toolkit for Rust, C++ and JavaScript

The Slint team has released version 1.4 of its cross-platform GUI toolkit for Rust, C++ and JavaScript, with […]