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Stack Overflow: how much is traffic dropping, and how the moderator “strike” was resolved

Stack Overflow, the web site to which developers frequently turn for guidance on coding issues, said that its […]

Git 2.42 released, SHA-256 repositories no longer an ‘experimental curiosity’

The Git team has released version 2.42, with a notable change being that the warning about creating repositories […]

Interview: Intel beats the drum for oneAPI and SYCL in place of Nvidia’s CUDA

Intel is transitioning its developer tools to LLVM for cross-architecture support and to a specification called oneAPI for […]

Dart 3.1 and Flutter 3.13 released – getting ready to leave HTML behind?

Dart 3.1 is out – the first stable release since 3.0 in May – along with Flutter 3.13, […]

System Initiative automated cloud deployment tool now open source, devs hope it improves on Terraform

System Initiative, a start-up founded by Chef inventor Adam Jacob, has released its launcher software in beta – […]

‘Boring is good,’ says Go tech lead, promising future compatibility

Google Distinguished Engineer Russ Cox, tech lead for the Go programming language, has promised that “there will not […]

JetBrains updates AI Assistant – including easier disabling to prevent code sharing

JetBrains has updated its AI Assistant, currently in preview, including a new way to restrict its use for […]

Go 1.21 released with experimental WASI, fix for common gotcha

The Go team has released Go 1.21, including three new built-in functions and a preview of a feature […]

Java FFM API “Project Panama” likely to exit preview in JDK 22

Oracle software architect Maurizio Cimadamore, who leads the work on Java’s Foreign Function and Memory (FFM) API, reports […]

Visual Studio Code update includes return of Unity support, now from Microsoft

Microsoft has updated Visual Studio Code (VS Code) to version 1.81, including support for partial profiles, an improved […]